The Finest Diamonds On Earth
Fit For Royalty And You

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Fine craftmanship and meticulous attention to detail have become the cornerstone of our work at Boyet Diamonds. For the last several years, we have striven to deliver only true masterpieces representative of the highest echelons of quality and design.


At Boyet Diamonds, we celebrate the go-getters in society. We are inspired by their drive, energy and relentless pursuit for the next milestones in their lives. Our precious gemstones are the perfect companions for their life journeys and the ultimate celebration of their achievements. They tell the stories that need to be told and the narratives waiting to be shared.


We work directly with the world’s leading diamond mine owners, all of whom possess decades of experience producing magnificent gemstones. With direct access to the finest diamonds from around the world, Boyet Diamonds is the only intermediary between the diamond mines and you.


Boyet Diamonds plays the dual roles of a custodian and a purveyor of fine diamonds. Share your quest for that perfect diamond with us. Visit our Flagship Store in Four Seasons Hotel Beijing and begin writing your story.