Diamonds are mined from the crust of the Earth, but not all diamonds are made the same. Diamonds are formed over 3 billion years old at 500km below the Earth’s crust, diamonds are created when carbon is subjected to both huge pressure and heat. The rarest diamonds are those exceptionally large in size, or with remarkable color and clarity. Diamonds falling off this scale are commonly called “Fancy Color Diamonds” or generally term as precious diamonds.


Precious diamonds can come in a variety of colors. Each of the major colors has a different level of rareness (and of course the price level reflects that rarity). In the precious diamonds market, only one thing matters – the quality of the diamond’s color. Stones with pure colors without any modifiers are generally considered rarer and therefore more valuable


Rare Natural Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are real, natural diamonds that form beneath the earth’s surface over billions of years. These diamonds are not color-treated or enhanced to get their blue color—it is natural. The mesmerizing color of the blue diamond comes from traces of boron in the diamond’s carbon composition.


Blue diamonds are rarer and more expensive than every other fancy color diamond—except for red diamonds. Blue diamonds are incredibly rare and can only be found in three areas of the world: Australia, South Africa, and India. The more intense the color of the blue diamond is, the rarer and more expensive it is. Blue diamonds with a high carat weight such as 2 or 3 carats are even harder to come by, and thus extremely expensive.

5.02 carat Fancy Intense Blue pear mixed cut shape diamond


Colour: Fancy Intense Blue
Shape: Pear
Weight: 5.02 carat


Among the scarcest gemstones in the world, this 5.02 carat Fancy Intense Blue pear mixed cut shape diamond is a true wonder of nature. The timeless silhouette of the pear shape accentuates its beautiful icy blue hue while scintillating this remarkable rarity.


Rare Natural Pink Diamonds

Scientist is not really sure how the pink diamond has its color. Not like the other stones in the Fancy color Diamond family, pink diamonds don’t have any impurities where they can obtain their color from.

The shade of a pink diamond is graded according to its intensity and strength of color. In addition to its main hue, pink diamonds can have a secondary color or overtone, such as purple, brown or orange.

As with most Fancy Color Diamonds, the richer and more saturated the color, the more expensive the diamond.

8.04 carat Fancy Pink cushion mixed cut shape diamond

Colour: Fancy Pink
Shape: Cushion
Weight: 8.04 carat

Fancy intense pink diamond weighing 8.04 carat, with cushion mixed cut diamond of intense even pink color.


Accompanied by GIA report no.2191485757 stating that the 8.04 carat diamond is Fancy Pink, Natural Colour, Internally Flawless.

7.01 carat Fancy Pink pear modified brilliant cut shape diamond

Colour: Fancy Intense Pink
Shape: Pear
Weight: 7.01 carat


Fancy intense pink diamond weighing 7.01 carat, with modified brilliant-cut diamond of intense pink tint.

Accompanied by GIA report no.2175733997 stating that the 7.01 carat diamond is Fancy Pink, Natural Colour, Internally Flawless.

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