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Not just luxury goods, Diamonds can also be used as an investment

On 24th November, BOYET Jewelry Group with its new brand "BOYET" held the opening ceremony in Shanghai.

Established in 2016, Boyet Jewelry Trading Co. Ltd. is a professional diamond company that integrates diamond cutting, design, setting, and retail. In 2020, it was officially approved to enter the Shanghai Diamond Exchange, the largest jewelry trading place in China.

By providing Chinese consumers with perfect cut, high clarity, high color grade and high-quality carat diamonds with international GIA certificates, and removing the layers of profit exploitation and huge advertising costs in the traditional jewelry industry in the past, Boyet hopes to provide consumers with diamond products that have a higher investment value and the best strategy.

"For consumers, diamonds and other jewelry are mainly used as ornaments, but they can also be used as an investment method." Su Ruiping, Chairman of Boyet Jewelry Trading Co. Ltd., said that from the current global diamond supply and demand trends, the price of natural diamonds has room to rise every year.

In data released to the public, the global demand for diamond jewelry reached a record US$82 billion in 2018, of which more than half came from the US diamond jewelry market.

However, in recent years, the Asian market has become the world's second largest diamond jewelry consumer market, with an annual growth of 3% in US dollars to reach US$10 billion. Among the Asian market, the growth of the Chinese market is even more rapid.

As China's largest jewelry trading place, the Shanghai Diamond Exchange's transactions in 2018 reached a new high again. The total polished diamond imports were US$2.706 billion, an increase of 7.6% over the same period last year. In 2018, the total amount of diamond transactions on the Shanghai Diamond Exchange was US$57.84 Billion, an increase of 8.23% from the year before.

According to the latest data of the global diamond industry recently released by DeBeers, it will increase by an average of about 30% in the next few years.

On the supply side, there will be a global short supply in the next four years.

At present, 70% of the world's top diamond supply is held by three major companies. Of the three companies, Russia’s Alrosa and Rio Tinto Mining Group’s diamond production are expected to decline. The decline in the production of these two companies will then greatly offset the increase in De Beers’ production.

On the other hand, the world's largest diamond mine, Argyle, announced its closure due to increasing mining costs. Argyll is the largest diamond mine in the world, producing approximately 14 million carats of diamonds each year – accounting for two-thirds of the world's total production. It is also famous because about 90% of the world's pink diamonds are produced here.

Bain & Company expects that before Argyll’s closure, the price of diamonds will increase by 15-20% every year and after their closure in 2020, the price will increase by 30-50%. Among this increase, high-grade rare diamonds, including natural-colored diamonds such as yellow diamonds, will have greater value-added potential.

Among the 147 million carats of diamonds mined in 2018, there is only one good diamond per every 10,000 carats. The prices of diamonds of different grades are often 3-5 times.

In the past ten years, the final auction price of rare diamonds was much higher than the initial estimated price, and the price of rare diamonds increased by an average of 166%.

For this reason, Boyet entered the Chinese market and focused its products on the most valuable top rare and flawless white diamonds (D IF) grades and Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds (Fancy Vivid Yellow) grades, both of which are attached to the American Gemological Institute (GIA), the highest accreditation standard certification.

From mining to consumer purchase, the price of a diamond often doubles several times due to the cutting, wholesale, production and processing, design, brand premium, etc.

However, Boyet’s diamonds come directly from transactions on the Diamond Exchange, which eliminates the layers of profit exploitation and huge advertising costs in the traditional jewelry industry as in the past. Additionally, Boyet uses the best strategy to create products with the highest investment value for customers.

In addition, Boyet also brings four innovative benefits to Chinese consumers:

1. Resale

Boyet’s diamonds can be sold back – the sale price after holding for 12 months is 60% of the original purchase price; the sale price after holding for 24 months is 80% of the original purchase price; and after holding on for 36 months, the original purchase price is sold back.

2. Upgrade

Customers can choose to upgrade their diamonds at any time after subscribing to BOYET diamonds. For example, if 1 carat is upgraded to 1.5 carats or more, the original diamond will be redeemed at the original price.

3. Rebate

By being the first 2,000 customers of Boyet, you can get a 2% rebate of the purchase price every month, with a rebate period of 5 years, and a reward rate of up to 120%.

4. Commission

By recommending Boyet’s diamonds to people, you will get an introduction commission. For example, when A recommends B to buy diamonds, A will get 5% introduction reward, B then recommends C to buy diamonds, A will also get 50% of B’s introduction reward.

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