Designed with beautiful leaves and petals in mind, the L’Amour Divine Series is a work of the finest Boyet Artisans and a collection that symbolizes Love and Trust. 

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Rather than being content with sticking to what we do best, Boyet decided to take an entirely different and adventurous route in 2020. We assembled the best artisans and began our foray into fine jewelry design. We fashioned incredible works of art complemented by the sophisticated  refinement of fine diamonds, absolutely stunning creations that pay tribute to the light and colours of seasonal themes as well as the boundless creativity and imagination of the artists showcasing their skills. An incredible experience to behold; majestic pieces bearing the Boyet signature.

The parallels between beauty and the divinity delve deep into the realms of ancient mythology. Humans have long sought the perfect beauty since cultural evolution began and our desire is regularly projected onto our depiction of divine beings. Alluding to the vast manifestations of divinity. Boyet’s vision was executed perfectly to create this breathtaking and pristine series that reflects the extravagance and gracefulness of a modern-day goddess.


An Exquisite Collection Masterfully Handcrafted by the Finest Boyet Artisans



True Beauty is Divine


Ethical and Conflict-Free Diamonds

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