A Cut Above The Rest

Investment-grade diamonds are a cut above the rest. These top-of-the-line gemstones are a rare breed, characterised by their exceptional combination of carat weight, clarity, colour and cut. Renowned for their extreme quality, they are highly sought-after by those who are passionate about these beautiful gems. Yet, these beautiful works of nature don’t happen by chance.

Boyet Diamonds' Judgement

At Boyet Diamonds, we are zealous about helping you, the discerning investor, own one of the finest diamonds Nature has to offer. Our range of extraordinary diamonds, each worthy as an embellishmet to high jewellery or as a standalone gemstone, reflects our particular emphasis on clarity and colour. Only the rarest gemstones graded as Internally Flawness (IF) or Flawless (FL), as well as Colourless (D) are chosen.


Boyet Diamonds’ selection process does not end there, however. Each investment-grade diamond we present to you transcends the 4C’s defined by GIA, the world’s foremost authority in gemstone grading. It meets or exceeds our own standards and embodies our impassioned judgements based on the diamond’s brilliance, sparkle, fire and symmetry.


Only the best-in-class diamonds worthy of coming under the hammer make the grade. Revel in the ownership of an investment-grade diamond from Boyet Diamonds.

Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds

Be dazzled by the sheer beauty of a fancy vivid yellow diamond. Belonging to a class of its own, a fancy vivid yellow diamond demonstrates eminent sophistication. Only one in 16,500 carats of diamonds mined is a fancy vivid yellow diamond; each is a winner in its own right. Partake in the ownership of a rare yellow diamond with a distinctive appeal.


An investment-grade diamond. An instrument for investment. A symbol of refined charm. Only from Boyet Diamonds.