Diamonds, a symbol of
wealth, status, glory and eternity.

Peoples' Diamond

This bedazzling gem is the most symbolic gift for all special occasions. Be it at the celebration of marriage, birth, a career milestone or an eternal promise, diamonds are always charming and irresistible.

Inevitably, not everyone has the ability to own diamonds. With the fundamental concept of “People’s Diamond”, Boyet was created to let everyone have access to the precious stone.

Sharing Economy 2.0- Boyet Diamonds Consumption sharing

Traditional sales model has been the same for many years. Selling products to consumers through channels. However, there is almost no certainty that the customers will return after the end of a single transaction.

Through innovative marketing strategies, Boyet made a breakthrough in the traditional sales model of diamonds. Instead of allocating heavy advertising budget, Boyet’s focus is on our customers. When customers purchase diamonds from Boyet, customers can now share our profits instead of paying premium prices. In addition, our customers will also receive exclusive shopping vouchers for their next purchase. This improves customer retention and creates a win-win situation for both enterprises and consumers.

Boyet Advantage

Wealth of experience

The professional team at Boyet is highly competent with more than 30 years of experience in the diamond industry. Over the years, we have accumulated many industry partners and professional resources in our network

Fully integrated.

The Boyet Group effectively connects a series of industrial processes such as strategic alliance mines, rough stone cutting and grinding, import and export of diamond exchanges in various countries, OEM, innovative marketing plans, and after-sales services for full integration in the diamond industry.

Diamonds for everyone

The Boyet Group takes the concept of "Diamonds for Everyone" as core foundation for business operations, providing each customer with the most competitive prices and the most comprehensive services.

National Recognition

In October 2019, our service and professionalism successfully obtained China AAA grade credit enterprise’s excellent rating, receiving recognition from our clients nationwide!