With the L'Amour Divine Series, a series of attractive rewards and promotions will be launched for our valued customers.

The newly launched L'Amour Divine Series has just been unveiled! 

Diamond Ring, Diamond Earrings, Diamond Bracelet, Diamond Bangle

L'amour divine series

Love and Trust.


BOYET DIAMONDS buys its diamonds directly from the source (via a carefully developed network of “niche” diamond manufacturers, mainly located in South Africa ,Russia Surat, India), and sells its investment diamonds and exquisite diamond jewellery collection on-line and in its offices to the client.

BOYET DIAMONDS offers only classified & tested diamonds, which are certified by the world most renowned grading institutes. Each polished diamond (above 0.30 Ct) carries its own identity via a unique certificate. This is a laminate-protected document that summarizes a diamond's vital information based on the 4 C’s and describes precisely its characteristics that help determine its value. A certificate does not give any indication of a diamond's monetary value. The most renowned certificates of the diamond industry is: GIA: Gemological Institute of America.


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